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Born and raised in South East London, Drill Minister AKA Young Drilly is more than an internet/TV star as a real lyricist and wordsmith he just connected as he says “What the young people of today really want to say”.

Giving a voice to his inner City childhood, exposure to the struggles of the workman, minorities and now youth culture, Drill Minister has become “The Streets Elected Voice” across music, politics and youth culture.

Addressing political issues the young Drill Minister has already been heavily supported by TV, Radio and The Community, his next step is to build his team and supporters as he heads towards the London and then Cabinet Elections.

A real political voice, that takes an informed stance on not only the politicians' hypocrisy alongside general issues.

You can keep up to date with Drill Minister's campaign work and projects via www.drillminister.com.“I represent The Voice Of Young Britain, the one they’ve forgotten about” Drill Minister 2018


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